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The Perfect Casting Facility

The Carolina Fly Fishing Club finished a successful weekend of teaching and member development at the Annual Tuck Fest, held at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte.

The USNWC was built to be the world's preeminent white water training facility.  Olympics aside, it has also become a real magnet for outdoor sports, adventure and education.  It was an honor to be included as part of the event.

But with so much time on our hands, we also had some time to dream.  What would the world's preeminent casting pond look like?  Frankly, we are not aware of a dedicated casting facility anywhere near this part of the country.  Is there one in the southeast?  What would the perfect facility look like?  How big would the ponds be?  How do you circulate the water?  How much land is required?  What special features would be required to host casting competitions?  We have no idea if any such idea could gain traction in our region, but since we are casting organization, it is a fun idea to dream about.  So what would your perfect casting facility include?  Let us know your thoughts.